The “democratization” of innovation is a major contributor to today’s rapid progress, but it comes at a price especially for enterprises that depend on timely access to breakthroughs in order to compete. Without fast access to innovative solutions there is a constant risk of disruption and a loss of control over the keys to competitive position. These new challenges are fundamentally changing how innovation gets done. Old ideas and processes can’t keep pace.

Best practices for managing innovation has changed, for good. Relying on spreadsheets and email simply does not scale for teams literally drowning in data and under pressure to meet business demands. New processes call for new applications that enable sourcing and collaboration across functions and geographies as well as real-time market intelligence. Those that use new processes and tools have the competitive edge and will win.

Startgrid was founded with a singular focus on delivering an end-to-end platform to streamline and accelerate how organizations manage global innovation networks. We call the platform the “innovation backbone” which gives our customers the ability to quickly discover leading-edge solutions, deliver to business stakeholders, and measure the outcome and value created.

There has never been a greater supply of brilliant innovation in the world, nor has there been such strong demand for these breakthroughs. Connecting that supply and demand is notoriously difficult and requires a purpose-built platform. That’s the challenge we’re passionate about solving.