Sourcing across an ecosystem of global players with incomplete data makes the job of an innovation scout more difficult. Tracking all relevant contacts inside start-ups, accelerators or universities compounds the challenge and sharing market data with your team members can be a headache. Startgrid’s feature-rich platform accelerates innovation sourcing with the ability to:

Expand external network connections by quickly adding contacts to the platform
Match external innovators against specific project needs to determine overall fit

Gather intelligence and source solutions from 3rd party data providers

Collaborate with accelerators, universities, VC’s and other partners
Share details on your partner portfolio with team-members and business stakeholders

With Startgrid, you maintain critical information in one single platform, giving you a single source of truth. You update intelligence in near real-time, and quickly determine best-fit solutions. Sharing the data with all project team-members, from scouts to executive management, is a click away.

The result – you accelerate front-end sourcing and innovation delivery across your enterprise, which drives the growth of your business.