The best innovation comes from a wide range of sources – start-ups, accelerators, incubators and university teams – which need to be easily tapped to expedite discovery and fit in order to streamline innovation sourcing for the business.

In the past enterprise teams relied on slow, cumbersome ways to communicate — relying on email, chance meetings at industry events or informal introductions.  There is no way to track or document collaborative activities which proves inadequate and simply doesn’t scale.  With trillions of dollars of market value at stake, such inefficiency poses high risk and extremely high costs.


Discovering Innovation from the External Network:

Innovation teams are under tremendous pressure to find the best solution to meet specific business needs.  The solution could be “buried” inside a very small team located in a different country and with only scant intelligence available.  Having a reliable platform to quickly connect and collaborate so you accelerate the end-to-end sourcing process is critical.  Ultimately the business gets access to the right solution and stays competitive.