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Profile Quick Tour

Learn how to get the most out of profiles in Startgrid.

Hover over each section to edit inline.
Tags help provide context and make it easier to categorize data so you can get better, more comprehensive search results and reports.
Leader owns the relationship with the organization or person.
Contacts are individuals in your Network associated with a profile. You can organize your contacts for organization profiles – Add a job title, change the order, remove Contacts, or identify primary contact.
Network Connections are where you can add multiple related profiles, including Sources, Investors, Portfolio Companies and Partners.
All Needs associated with this profile and their current statuses.
Notes allow you to capture and share information with team members to keep everyone up to date and on the same page.
Files are external documents that provide context or add valuable information to a profile.

Add Notes & Files

Notes and files help capture, organize and share important information about a profile.

To add a note:

Type information in the Note field and hit Enter.

To add a long note:

Click Add and select Add Long Note.
Long notes contain 500+ characters and include title and text formatting options.

To add a file:

Click Add to select Add File to attach a file.
Select the file from your desktop and click Add.
Add notes about the file to provide context for team member.

Hover over a note to see the edit, delete or share buttons.

Filters help to sort notes and files to a specific Need.