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Announcing our alliance with BNY Mellon to help transform Fintech

Announcing our new strategic alliance with Eagle Investment Systems.

calendar icon February 27, 2019

Today we’re excited to announce our new strategic alliance with Eagle Investment Systems, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon, that will introduce the Startgrid platform to Eagle and BNY Mellon customers.

BNY Mellon is among the world’s most respected banks and is a custodian for more than $34 trillion of global assets. While BNY Mellon dates back 235 years to its founding by Alexander Hamilton, today it’s a technology-driven organization that works with fintech startups around the world to remain at the leading edge of innovation.

For the last two years BNY Mellon has worked closely with our team here at Startgrid to improve the management of their global innovation ecosystem. Lucien Foster, Head of Digital Partnerships at BNY Mellon describes the impact of our collaboration as follows: “We are using the Startgrid platform across our firm to improve how we communicate around innovation. It’s an important tool to help us manage our interactions with start-ups and manage our internal business needs. It additionally helps us target and develop engagements with the right partners across our business units.” You can read more about our work with BNY Mellon here.

As disruption of the financial services industry continues to accelerate, BNY Mellon and Eagle are looking for opportunities to help their customers access the most relevant emerging technology to drive growth and efficiency. Our new alliance will build upon the success of our work together, while extending the benefits of the Startgrid platform to many of the world’s leading financial services institutions. We couldn’t be more excited about working together.