Innovation sourcing and delivery is a serious business for large enterprises.  Looking externally is critical to discovering the best solutions and to staying competitive.  But efficiently managing the process of innovation sourcing with limited resources and measuring results is a challenge as the demand for external innovation rises.

As with any project, the investment in innovation sourcing needs to produce a measurable result – enterprise teams need to move beyond soft activity-based metrics and start measuring outcomes and business value gained.

Startgrid provides insights so you understand what’s working and not working in your strategy so you continuously improve processes:

Dashboard views give you an easy-to-understand view of what teams are working on, a way to map your innovation needs to external networks and measure outcomes

Detailed reports allow you to drill-down on a project basis to inform about status and overall timeframes to solution delivery

Alerts and notifications proactively give you a heads-up when project details are updated and stages change

Scorecards and KPIs, provide full transparency from the individual innovation scout in the field all the way up to the CEO

With Startgrid’s platform, everyone is on the same page. You share what is relevant with a variety of cross-functional team members and strengthen collaboration among teams and relevant stakeholders across the enterprise.

By using Startgrid, you avoid many hours of manual labor pulling together data from multiple sources to produce a report.  The innovation team benefits, executive management stays informed and the business wins.