When innovation teams juggle hundreds to thousands of projects at the same time, you need an efficient way to manage and scale and make sure no “balls” are dropped.  Let’s face it, there is too much at stake. Enterprises with a culture of innovation put a high degree of importance on finding the best solution which will make a difference to the business.

Pipeline management requires multiple team members to be involved at different stages and you need a way to transparently track progress, share details and keep the team informed.

Startgrid streamlines the management of all projects with ease and scale, so you can:

Capture business needs configured to your own processes
Modify project needs as requirements evolve over time

Build solution profiles based on needs and match to external innovators in your network

Update solutions & move pipeline stages based on scoring and updated intelligence

Using Startgrid, you work directly with business owners thoroughly capturing requirements. During the process, you transparently share project status and stages so you stay fully aligned and up to date with all cross-functional team-members.

Startgrid makes innovation sourcing and delivery efficient. What’s more, it scales infinitely as your external partner network grows.  

Designed to fit with your unique business processes, Startgrid takes care of the heavy lifting, allowing you more time to focus on delivering real business results.