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Put your network to work to accelerate innovation

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The Startgrid platform connects you to the right people in the global startup ecosystem to help solve your most pressing challenges.

A network of networks at your fingertips

Discover new technology, connect to entrepreneurs - or anyone in the startup ecosystem - to uncover potential solutions to meet your needs, anywhere in the world.

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A pipeline effectively built and managed

Capture demand for innovation across your organization, collaborate with colleagues to identify solutions, assess fit and manage relationships
all in one place.

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A command center for network building

Map your network to gather insights and spot market trends so you can get there first. Access third-party databases to beef up profiles. Measure the impact of your efforts.

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"Startgrid is becoming how we communicate internally around innovation. We're finding it functions as the central platform across our organization for our interactions with startups and coordinating internal business needs. It helps us develop the engagements with the right partners across our business units."

Simple to Start. Easy to Scale.

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